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Paused EoD story - Cant resume it. (teleport back to EoD zone / semi serious problem)


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It all started as ordinary gaming session with EoD story. I had no idea back then what lies ahead of me it was fun at first. After few episodes i had to teleport back to 'main land' ..to ..ehm.. do something. But EoD map is isolated from rest of gw2 maps?! What ?! Thats new to me.. Ok so i used pass key from PoF utimate edition lily of the elon. That was really clever from me right ? What could possibly go wrong ?

OK when i finished kinky RP i wanted to resume EoD missions. Waypoint led me to some new portal in lion's arch. But portal is under construction,  i cant use it. There are two workers.. I thought okay! Maybe i should just wait them to finish it right? RIGHT? BUT! After brief observation... NO WAY they gonna finish it EVER! One just pounding the ground infront of portal and other one just staring at him. Like seriously! Who hired these people ?!

Anyway i cant figure out how to get back several nights. I was desperately gÖÖgling some informations. People were talking about some arborstone scroll. But i dont have such thing in my inventory.

At this point i spend a S* amount of time to figure out how to get back its not funny anymore. So i decided to lower myself and ask here for help. ehm.. please!  How do you teleport back to new EoD zones ?!


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6 minutes ago, Grassrab.9302 said:

There is a new navigation element at the right bottom of the world map. Alternatively you can just scroll down, cantha is far below the previous areas on the map. 

You must be kidding me! You have no idea how long im looking for that. I feel dumb. Shame... Thanks 🙃

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