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Harbinger Shroud 4 during Raids [Bug Found]

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I was doing a Wing 4 Raid last night against Samarog and when I used Shroud 4 and ground targeted beneath the boss, my character was struck by her and was sent flying into the clouds and instantly died. My entire raid group saw that I was sent flying across the map, this has happened with Cairn also, I am not sure if this bug is caused from when the boss mechanics are going off but it launches your character lightyears away if timed just right. It occurs when the character is in flight from harbinger shroud 4, it's not a terrible bug, but can be frustrating during raids, part of me believe if someone can find the perfect timing for this leap and get struck in WvW by another player they might be able to land over a keep causing unfair gameplay or reach destinations that were not intended by this skill. 

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