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Chat Text even large with large HUD is still small.

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After returning to GW2 and deciding to make it my main MMO since wow and other games are not fun anymore I noticed one major issue I had last time is still current. The Chat options for Size 1-20 does not exist only a Small / Med / Large all of which are almost the same size. Using large for the chat text and changing my HUD to large the chat seems to match a 12 in other mmo's I am not sure why the text are soo small or its limited to bottom left bottom top. But we seriously need a larger text option for visual clarity I play with a 32 inch display as well as a ULHD ultra wide display and I have to turn my head and focus on the chat if a convo happens while I am playing I wont even notice because the text is scrolling such small lines in the corner of my display... I have 20/15  vision and a max settings / Max Display as well ... The chat text is just too small.. it should have a option for like 18 available  to make comms easier while playing. 

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