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[Suggestion] Jade Sphere Changes


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Here is an idea of how the jade sphere could be slightly reworked to better fit the theme and improve gameplay.

Jade sphere have two states: active and passive.

In passive state, it floats near the catalyst (as the scraper function gyro) and provides 1 boom every time it gains 2 energy (2 seconds ICD). Boom is to the catalyst only and based on attunement. The sphere passive boom changes with the catalyst attunment.

When activated (ground target AoE) the sphere drains 2 energy per second, provides a combo field and booms in the area, based on attunment. When active, the sphere does not change attunements when the catalyst changes, and cannot gain energy. The sphere becomes passive when energy is completely depleted.

In this way you can still deploy the sphere for combos and boom support, and maintain it in a single attunement (for a single boom support) while you rotate attunements.

With the sphere passive providing boons every 2 energy gained, the catalyst can maintain self boons when not using the sphere to support the group or combo fields, and the boons are applied when swapping attunements and traited with energized elements.

Auguments used on the right attunement with the sphere in passive mode, will always trigger the bonus effect/reduced CD.

For further support, sphere specialist or spectacular sphere could extend the passive boom generation to 5 targets around the catalyst.

The elite augument could also copy your boons to 5 targets around your sphere (around you in passive mode, or in the AoE in active mode)

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