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Healer Boon Support - Firebrand or Renegade


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Hi, everyone,


I'd like to make a more team-focused character (mainly for Strikes and other PvE modes) and was hoping to get your opinion here.


I'm currently split between either a Firebrand and a Renegade, but I don't know for sure which boon is more appreciated between Quickness and Alacrity, and I'm not sure which class is better in overall healing.


Worth mentioning that I'm not playing at a high level, I don't always keep track of my team's position (sometimes I may not notice that someone is not very close to me, so my boons/heals won't reach them). The build I'm looking at is Harrier for either character, with +10 boon uptime and +10 healing to others sigils, and Staff for both.


Another thing that I'm not sure about is the runes - I'm looking at Monk, as they seem to be made precisely for this role.



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Both alacrity and quickness are useful for the party.


IMHO, Heal Firebrand is a better option, because aegis can cancel many fight mechanics (do very good job with non dodging mates), even if aegis builds have been nerfed. Moreover, Heal Firebrand has more healing spells, and  a better burst healing potential.


But I might be biased, as I only played Heal Renegade in T1 frac, whereas Heal Firebrand is my main for T4 fractals.

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