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The "Help Xunlai Jade prepare their jade shipment" Scaling is completely broken.

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The second cart and the third cart tier require an inhuman amount of jade blocks in order to fill them. As I write, just reaching tier 3 is already an extremely complicated task. Fill the third cart is out of the question. 
This inhuman scaling make the achievement "Savior of the Supply Chain" absolutely impossible to complete at the moment. 

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No it isn't. I'm one of the few on gw2efficiency. I have both achievements for this.

Problem seems to be that many commanders are doing events fast as possible for turtle (that way) and seem to be neglecting this event at the moment, but it is doable but have to work at a rapid pace.

It isn't the same scaling problem as the Maw, as even with a few people you need absolutely loads of Jade.

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