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Fishing UI improvements

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Hi Anet, super big fan of fishing. Thanks for adding it to the game, been wanting it for years 🙂


That said, here are some suggestions that would make the fishing experience better:

1. Bait/Lure: Right now I have to fish with my Hero panel open in the Fishing screen in order to know if either of them are empty. Would be nice if we had some indicator on the main UI when fishing mode is active to show how much of lure/bait we have.

2. Skiff Health: While in fishing mode, we sometimes get attacked by monsters underneath us. There is no indicator of the skiff getting damage or how much health it has left, and most of the times I don't even realize that the skiff is being attacked until I drop to the water. While riding the skiff the health displayed is the skiff health, why not the same thing while you are fishing standing on the skiff?

3. Angler Sense: Why do we have this skill on #6 while riding the skiff and #5 while fishing? Can't we have them on the same slot?

4. Keybinds: Could we have individual keybinds for fishing and spawning the skiff? It's super cumbersome the way it is right now. So many clicks/keypresses in order to place the skiff/board, move, drop anchor, enable fishing mode. Agh, it's just so inconsistent

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On 3/16/2022 at 2:13 PM, Rasimir.6239 said:

I fully agree with all of your points, and would like to add


5. Please turn off the red exclamation mark that shows on the mini map whenever others are fishing somewhere on the map. It's totally distracting 😞

Oh that's what that is!  I kept trying to figure that out.

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