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Questions/Discussions about Power Reaper Traits.


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We got a lot of buffs to Shroud with the balance patch, and I was having some random thoughts. I have no idea if these would be worth it, but just wondering what others thought.

With Shroud doing more damage, but not lasting as long, it looks like Soul Reaping over Blood Magic may be better now. It does to me at least, I may be wrong.

When taking Soul Reaping, I was thinking that maybe going with Death Perception, and dropping Decimate Defenses for Chilling Victory may be an increase.

Death Perception would give 100% Crit chance in Shroud, which we would be going into more, and Chilling Victory would be generating Life Force every time we hit a Chilled target.

Also Signets of Suffering over Close to Death would give 90 more Power, and while in Shroud. This probably isn't worth it though.

Since we wouldn't have Blood Magic for Wells, taking Shadow Fiend may be worth it too.

What do you all think?

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