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Kaineng Meta Map Crashes

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Meta Map crashes on the Kaineng Map for nearly week for me. Not always at the same time but happens to me daily. maybe its bad luck , but anyways , daily.

worst is when it crashes when you stand in front of the door ot the meta boss fight.


i havent found another topic about this , so sorry if this has been posted somewhere else before


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I don't know if Anet is going for immersion here since it is all about a blackout, but I would really appreciate the Kaineng meta not crashing for once. Usually it happens during the breaker box phase (for me at least), so there seems to be something wrong with that specifically.

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To add to this there is a certain mob Supervitor or something that doesn't die(goes down to 1% and keeps moving around slowly)  and if the south npc focuses on it during the blackout even they will never lose aggro until the timer for the event runs out and the npc despawns . This along with the crashes have made me unable to complete the meta 3/3 times i've tried hope they get fixed.

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