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[XHSA]12 year established guild, for committed GW2 players looking for a superior community exp

Mireles Lore.5942

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This post is a copy of our main recruitment post. If you would like to visit the original that has comments from our members please go to https://redd.it/7b8fuf


Xunlai Heroic Service Agents is expanding our recruitment. We are a long term guild for long term players that seek a highly active community that will last for years to come. We have a history of maintaining a roster of highly active players that have remained active throughout the history of the Guild Wars games.

We are presently seeking players, of any experience/skill level, like ourselves that are vested in the game and have a long term interest. If you are looking for a guild that will not only be around for your entire gaming experience, but also filled with friendly people to establish friendships with to enhance that experience, we are the guild for you.

While this recruitment post is quite lengthy you will find all the details about the activities we do and a bit about us. Review in part or in whole, but at the very least it is important to review our recruitment page on our website to know what to expect and what will be expected from members of our guild.

Here is a quick summary of our current activities.

  • T4 Fractals, regularly ran after reset, often include the challenge mote fractals.
  • Experienced Raiding, currently 4 teams that full clear Mon - Thur 8:30PM-11:30PM Eastern.
  • Casual Raiding. Every Friday (9PM Eastern) & randomly in during the week.
  • Casual WvW (Yaks Bend). Mostly late night on weekends.
  • Guild Missions Every Friday, 8PM-9PM Eastern
  • Random Dungeons, Desert Bounty Runs, and Meta Events
  • General hanging out, cracking dirty jokes, and posting dank memes on discord.

About XHSA

XHSA is a 12 year running guild established on release day of Guild Wars 1. We have always focused on the ideals that foster community as people are most important in our guild philosophy. It is the members that make any guild great and we recruit on the idea that our guild should only be filled with quality members that feel as we do in making our guild the best place to experience Guild Wars 2. We hold the belief that our focus on people and quality is what kept us going these 12 years no matter the status of the game and will continue to hold community as our top priority.

We are a guild that mostly resides in the American Time zones, most active in the evening hours. Our present roster is just under 200 members with mostly a PvE interest and a casual interest in other modes. The bulk of our most active members are highly skilled an experienced. Therefore, the environment in this guild is highly focused on end game activities such as T4 Fractals, Raids, Challenge Motes, and Achievements. While we accept members of all experience, our roster is mostly made up of long term, veteran players, that have been playing for years. We do however host casual focused events to help people get a leg up in our end game scene.

Why join XHSA over other guilds?

What XHSA offers is a quality membership with active and friendly players. We are not the typical “pack the roster with as many bodies as possible” guilds. Here you will only find members active in the game and dedicated to our community. Very few guilds have a commitment to the level of quality we look for in our members. Our focus is about building a strong community and only retaining people that share the commitment that makes a guild this great.

XHSA offers an open community that is easy to fit into. Everyone here were complete strangers when they joined the guild and have made it successful by reaching out and forming long lasting friendships. We want that for every member we accept into the guild. This guild is not some clique of friends that started a guild to recruit people under them and only include them when necessary. You can be certain if recruited we have every intent of getting to know you and including you in activities.

XHSA has a history of standing up to the test of time. We won't die out like other guilds or have ever had to "rebuild" because of a stent of inactivity. Our leadership is well established and active and has stood for years. The guild will not fall apart because some core group became inactive in the game. Most of our members are players that have been active for years and been here for years. You an rest assured that any emotional or practical investment in this guild will last throughout your gaming experience.

What does quality mean to XHSA

XHSA defines quality by activity, commitment, and respect.

XHSA retains only active and participating members in our guild. You will not find our roster to be inflated with inactive, non-representing, members. We expect all of our members that want to join our community to also want to be involved in it. We do not retain people on our roster that are not, as we feel they would reflect poorly on the quality of our membership and discourage others from committing to the community.

Members recruited to XHSA have shown they hold the idea and concept of community highly in their priorities. XHSA is the main guild and home to all of it's members and represent it in a manner that reflects that. We don’t believe in spam recruiting, blind invites, or throwing cookie cutter recruitment messages at people's posts. Our roster is not a collection of random people that we picked up wherever we could. You will find that our members were carefully selected on the basis of having similar goals, interests, and activity to form a well functioning and quality community.

We are also a guild that strives to be inclusive and respectful of everyone. Our members maintain the mentality that this is a video game and we are here to have fun. We have a very mixed roster made up of people of all creeds, nationalities, gender, and sexual orientation. While our members certainly do have a crude, politically incorrect since of humor, we do not tolerate behavior intended to be discriminating or demeaning, towards anyone members or not, for any reason.

We use an application process to offer our members have an opportunity to participate in the recruitment processes and consider potential members. All members of the guild are able to participate and vote to accept or decline an applicant. We like to make sure that each member will be a good fit and that we can offer them what they are looking for in a guild. This gives us the opportunity to get to know someone before we decide to make them apart of our community, and to keep out players that may not be up to the standards above. Be assured, when accepted, members already know you are coming and will be ready to welcome you. You will be joining a guild that actively decided to take you in as part of our community.


XHSA considers itself highly proficient in end game content and strives to attract talent that would be expected to complete these things without difficulty in a timely manner. We maintain an experienced raiding pool for proficient and interested members to get timely clears and raid achievements. We also have a casual raid nights for players trying to get a leg up into raiding. Our guild is highly anticipating the next raid wing, if you are looking to get back into the scene, this is the place to be.

It is important to note raiding is not something that is required for members to participate in, as it is a highly organized and regulated activity in our guild. We understand raiding may not be something that is for everyone. It is also important to note that XHSA does not offer any form of focused training nor should it be assumed that getting accepted into the guild means that you would be taken into raiding without making the effort to be prepared.

Our experienced raiding pool is somewhere in the neighborhood of 40+ active raiders with 4 static, full clear, teams. This pool is for members that meet certain experience and DPS requirements from which our static teams are coordinated as well as raid achievement and challenge mote runs. The purpose of this pool is to serve as a competency base line for our experienced raiding activities. This pool are raiders that meet the exceptions one would expect from raiders that clear in a effective manner. Meeting these requirements is not a requirement of guild membership nor is membership in a static team required for this pool. If you are looking for something not static, but experienced, you may still join this pool and fill for runs at your convenience.

We rarely have to look outside the guild on any given day to fill a run. While there may or may not be static spots available at the time of recruitment there are usually plenty of opportunities to fill in for absences or impromptu requests throughout the week.

We also host casual raids once a twice a week that do not have any requirements other than being informed enough about the encounters to enter them and running a meta build. These are mostly on a first come first serve basis to supplement members seeking out experience to become a part of our pool or wanting to learn new roles.

If you are interested in raids with XHSA and would like to learn more about our requirements. Please see the link below.



There are always multiple groups going around reset and often include the challenge motes. You will almost always find a full guild group to run this content effectively in the evenings. We are pretty much accepting all classes and builds so long as you have the required AR. We are highly experienced in this area and welcome those experienced and new alike to join us on these.

Path of Fire

We are still very active in the PoF expansion. Many members are doing their achievements and story or are willing to lend a helping hand anyway. We always look forward to new content releases and experiencing them together as a guild.

Guild Hall and Missions

XHSA has a max level guild hall in Windswept Haven. Our Guild missions are currently every Friday at 8PM Eastern US. If members are online at that time we ask you to join us and mingle with the guild. This is a high value event for us as we like to see people get antiquated with the guild, if they so happen to be online Friday night, via this event. Attendance for guild missions is something that is highly valued as a community builder in this guild.

I would like to be a part of XHSA. How do I join?

It is highly encouraged that you glance over our recruitment posting on our website and any other information that interests you.


There is application on our website that every recruit has to fill out. We believe in getting to know the members we let into the guild as we do not just recruit anyone. Each application is considered by the entire guild and is voted on. The required segment is very short but it is in a prospective members best interest to provide as much detail as they can. Please allow 24 to 72 hours for your app to be posted and reviewed.

Unfortunately, I can not issue a reply to everyone, we get far to many applications for that. However, I encourage people to contact me in game, on Mireles Lore.5942, if they have questions, want to inquire about the status of their application, or just want to talk to an actual person about recruitment.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to meeting all that are interested.

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