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Virtuoso: draw weapons on blade generation

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At release virtuoso had that annoying bug where your character would draw their weapons every time a new blade was generated. A previous patch fixed it but after today's patch the issue is back.


Edit: So, after some testing, it's seems that the bug never went away. It seems that the bug doesn't happen when the Illusions specialization is selected. Also, for some reason, this specialization sometime causes the animation of "Bladsong harmony" to be skipped.

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Realize this is pretty old but I recently started trying to play virtuoso and this is a constant mildly annoying thing to me.


Standing around in cities I do often notice other mesmers that this doesn't happen to. I'd love to know a work-around even if it is just buggy if someone could share. In open world I've gotten to the point I run Blade Renewal to make it less annoying 😉


Edit: Seems to be related to running Inspirations which I was enjoying a bit for open world. It doesn't happen at all if I run the normal Dueling/Illusions. Definitely seems like a bug but doubtful it's a high priority.

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