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Possible suggestions to make Elementalist a little more engaging


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I just fought something in Echovald and saw the little red spinning projectile orb that the mordremoth mini boss does in Dragon's End and thought wow that's a pretty neat skill depending on its mechanics. Then I got to thinking that what it would be nice on and my thought was ele. 

Not the red version but either:

The celestials trampeling forward or something instead of the orb would be cool. But then I got to thinking about the elite skill. Instead of a weapon recharge, what about an elite utility that causes all 4 celestials to appear and do an attack animation that either... creates a really large combo field that changes based on attunement and grants boons for each of the attunements + quickness? 

Obviously having the orbs always move forward may be less favorable from an endgame perspective and may seem like it lacks synergy with the combo field and aura gain but I'm not sure. But I see no reason the combo field always has to be a static circle on the ground. Maybe make it an animation with the lightning orb dragon either flying and breathing a field of static on the ground or flying still like the current animation but have it summon a combo field that looks like clouds and lightning? The rest I'll let you imagine. 

Another option is to have those damage components of the ability be separated from the combo field and have the stationary just be like an aura projected from the elementalist. Frankly, you could have just had these celestials be temporary damaging summons and had the elementalist radiate the combo field and I think it would actually improve gameplay over a targeted ability. 

I'm hoping this was a resource and time constraint issue because they have a lot of talented people but this whole spec just feels incredibly uncreative to me. Maybe from the hammer skills and making it a decent-ish-maybe bunker oriented elementalist training to be a scrapper kind of way. I mean honestly, outside of the projectile spinning skill 3 (That.. uh.. why didn't we just throw a combo field on this while the orbs are pulsing and have that field be set at the last attunement like the jade sphere currently works? Might give the skill more value by itself and in relation to the actual mechanics. 

This got a little preachy in parts but I just got to thinking about all these ideas that would make me, personally, a little more satisfied with the concept and the gameplay. 

Hammer and a combo field/aura based spec wouldn't have been my first choice, but I feel like having the spec's most exciting new mechanic's animation be a tiny little circle with an orb in the middle and a neat looking new creature summon that just kind of... pops up for a few seconds and then.. oh.. neat....bye.... is kind of a symptom of wanting to throw in jade tech where it didn't really need to be, just for the sake of jade tech. 

If it didn't focus on jade tech, or was a little flying quick animation like the jade bot animations and then the almost hologram like creature is doing its thing, maybe that would make it a little more exciting for me?

I guess what I'm getting at is that the gameplay isn't what I personally wanted  but the aesthetics and immersion that can help compensate for that (for me at least) is having a bit more flash. More engaging and exciting animations that help give the spec a little more identity and intrigue. 

But also, yeah, the gameplay's kind of a dud for me too for hammer 3 at the very least and the interaction with the jade sphere in general. As far as the elite, people may like it as is and have unique situations for it, but is there anything wrong with doing the multi celestial attack animation as you're casting it? Maybe that's too fast to do it justice and people would find it disappointing too so it wouldn't work. I don't know. I'm just trying to think of ways to get to a place that I might want to really feel engaged and as excited as I was about weaver on my oldest character. 

Following that suggestion, I'm not sure that the floating orbs are really doing it for me as much as having a hologram pet attack. Nothing to say you couldn't do both and have the damage tied to the orb and the pet be immune and do no damage but at least do SOMETHING other than just float in the air. As far as animations that might intrigue me more, as the suggestion earlier with the celestials attacking all at once on the elite, you could just have it be the same version as the hologram you summon on hammer 3. (If we're sticking with the jade tech theme.)

I also see a completely different theme working for Catalyst involving a more traditional magic monk of the elements playstyle and with different animations and separated from Jade Tech could have made the spec more interesting to me thematically and for me, personally, made the gameplay feel more immersive. And on that note, skills like air 2 being a lightning storm instead of a tornado on hammer 2 I think I might like more, and the fire hammer 4 skill being just one 3d volcano and a larger combo and damage field sound more fun to me, (Oh, Asuras, nvm.)  But also, the final meta has so many beautiful wave assets but I don't really see any of them on Catalyst. Or if they're their they're so small or fast you can't see them. On that note, maybe instead of a leap finisher on water 4 with a 4.7k heal, have it be a combo field blast finisher combo that knockbacks and leaves a water field. 

Earth 2 recyclying existing swirling projectile effect assets and giving the actual hammer a block animation might have been a bit more satisfying for me. And don't we already have better lightning field assets somewhere else in the game? Like branded lightning but electric? Wyvern Field? Well not better, per say, but bolder. 

For that matter they could have done something directly related to the story and gone with a spec that deals with our dearly departed. Exact same playstyle, animations from final meta wave circle instead of air 2 or fire 4, or hammer 3 across the board. Or have it keep the same animations and just have much bolder animations across the board and instead of making the spec around jade tech, have it be some ancient canthan group of monks that our dearly departed helped them attune deeper due to her own connection. Then, they could have had the group be some in-game organization like the speakers with their own camp in the jade sea or something. But now I'm just getting way off topic about things that don't matter anymore. 

Am I being too subjective here? Is the general theme, is that excitement and that balance between aesthetics and gameplay there for you?  I tried thinking of a theme for my character earlier with the Kuunavang mask and just got to thinking about the core reasons why I think I just can't find a way to make this spec satisfying or intriguing for me.

(Oh, and maybe if fire was like a cone blast or something more akin to breath of fire with maybe a solid ground animation like fire keep boss in borderlands? If I remember right, for fire hammer skill 2? Gameplay wise it feels highly situational atm but I guess if you're hitting a stationary large hitbox or face tanking a mob it feels reasonable.)

Would giving radiating combo fields to elementalist summoned creatures really be a game changer? Could make them more engaging and benefit every elite and core across the board.

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