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Turtle saddle strike mission

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On 3/18/2022 at 5:54 PM, Hari.7259 said:

Doing the Ministry of Security strike mission is totally assine in order to finish the siege turtle ... I just spent over 2 hours with a group trying to complete the mission ... People dropping out and have to restart from the beginning is one problem ... and even then, on 7th try, had Li down to 1% ....... 1% ...... and everyone died ... and mission has to be started AGAIN from the very beginning .... The strike mission should not be a part of the seige turtle requirements as it's practically impossible without spending hours and hours trying to keep a team together to finish it .... I really enjoy playing GW2 but you guys sure got this one wrong .

You cant mean that for real... scyscale was much worse, nor the griffon... few hours spent on strike mission is just great addition... You want pve mount... there you go... do some pve. Strikes preparing you for raids... If the raids are hardcore endgame and world bosses are tutorial... strike misions are basicly traditional casual pve content with progression. I absolutly agree with their decision to add this to the collection. And im not doing strikes nor the raids pretty often... but im glad, i atleast tried it. And its much more fun if u make the group and few newbies and few veterans help you out. Or bunch of newbies just working together to get same result in the end;)

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