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valdhertz crypt still bugged please fix room 4 for resting hearts

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  • Fixed an issue that prevented some players from getting progress toward the Resting Heart achievement and being able to loot the final chest in the Valdhertz Crypts minidungeon in the Echovald Wilds. from yesterdays patch.

its still bugged and if you count the rooms its room 4  that's not allowing for the progress of resting hearts the dredge and kurzick ghosts event bar just disappears after 5 secs, of fighting them and the dynamic event just vanishes but you can still fight the ghost. 

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Bugged today for me. Resting Hearts say 6/7. Couldn't open the grand chest and one small chest.
EDIT: Went immediately back in, there was another player that had partially completed the rooms. I helped to complete Heads of Houses room and it completed the Resting Hearts achieve.
However, when we got to the final room, the two bosses bugged out at 0:00 and we couldn't get the final chests. 😣

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