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Map is full can't connect

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There's an easy solution here, when squad is removed from LFG add the extras above the map allowance. There's very likely not going to be an exploit and I highly doubt it will overload your servers.


If not:

Queue system, you probably need to make it work for this game in our modern day but you refuse to so I won't challenge it.



People get mad and don't do events, maybe quit, but they definitely were forced to quit by not being able to join


Finally: Don't make meta events that require lfg to function


Easiest solution: Stop making 2 hour map metas, people are actually asking for pre-existing meta buffs atm. Also don't make pre-meta buffs.


Wait that's an easy fix:


Easiest solution: Continue with Dragonstorm and keep big boss fights in a lobby so random fishers don't take up slot.


What I expect: ???


Reality: I'm going to get arthritis trying to join a full meta map and I'm only 30

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