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Duct Cleaning achievement (Act II EOD) bugged

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On 3/18/2022 at 8:41 AM, Fleabite.7528 said:

I've cleared 11 of 12 vermin for the achievement on previous runs. However they are no longer spawning (restarted the story several times to check.) Can't complete the Act meta at present as am just waiting on this one. 

I'm pretty sure from doing this on multiple accounts that they have fixed locations, and you won't see ones you've already done. So if you're stuck at 11 and you're not seeing rats any more, that simply means there's one tucked away somewhere that you haven't found. There was definitely one tucked behind some floor-level pipes that I couldn't see even when the skill popped up.

Edit: Done again. Found an obvious one I'd missed. Looks like there's only the one "awkward" one.

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