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Possibility of Jade Silver gathering tools/glyph?

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Just to let everyone know, the scavenger protocol is much better than recycling for jade silver, it's simply worth more. Which is sad, because Jade Silver has lots of utility attached to it since you can exchange it to some tokens. So more sources of getting this would be nice, and I think we are all getting tired of running volatility. Some competition and variety would be nice.

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If they expand on jade slivers in LW6 there could be space for jade glyphs that can compete with volatile. As it stands now, I noticed you can buy shipments with jade BUT there are no trophy shipments and leather shipments cost 3 times metal/cloth.

Using volatile magic seems still way more profitable, and Dragonfall is a way better gold/h farming map than any EoD meta. But again, since the best metas are usually LW, possibily LW6 will bring a new Drizzlewood with a good jade sink.

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