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Crisis Zone Buff (Mechanist f2)

Noah Salazar.5430

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I tried seting with alac heal mechanist + condi quick fire brand/quick scrapper/qharbringer on t4 fractals and i need say:

-> having only 1 stab evry 30s is not rly cool, my party was constalty stuned/pushed/knocked down

on qheal scrap i had not that problem as one skill brings x3 stab, and another one aoe cc break

If i culd sugest, culd that skill be buffed to provid 2 stab insted of 1?

Otherwise it's rly not fun plaing that 

As mechanist you have no other sorce from core engi to bring stab (as toss elixir b is tool belt skill) and you have no toolbelt skills from core engi 😕



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Should have the PVE stab increased to 2 stacks similar to Mantra of concentration or Defense Field since it has aegis (which is going to substitute one stack in most cases) and then remove the protection. Maybe move protection to barrier signet.
Protection would only be necessary if you aren't running a shield. The cleansing is strong enough without using protection as a way to cleanse from inventions if you decide to go that route.

At the same time you want to avoid buffing it too far. For me mechanist is similar to non-soulbeast ranger or necro minion master in that I hate pet specs. The fact that barrier engine is solely based off the mech is an issue and Crisis Zone can fail if your mech is CC-ed.

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