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Season 1 ideas for the future


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I'd love to see season 1 come back. We've had fragments of it in various forms, like Fractals, the Scrying Pool memories and the Marionette fight, but I'd love to see entire releases added to the story journal so we can actually play through the complete storyline instead of a random instance out of context.

I don't know if it will ever happen, but I keep hoping the odd bits we've got so far are the result of someone at Anet experimenting with what it would take to bring it back and that eventually they're going to be able to make time to do the entire thing.

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For some reason , so "kind of group" will screw it up again , by saying with want more hardcore stuff and then stop doing it after 2 months ,  because a 17 min fight gave 5g...




Better to find a young Canthian little  that is obsessed with knowledge (either good or bad) , or shes like a psychiatrist (Dr.Linda -Lucifer)  that believe that none human is born bad and want to prove  shes right to her mentors.

Physically her body and mind  starts deteriorating over time to her fancination ,  into the Joko..Scarl..something i don't know (changes very times  shes escape from the loony house)... and we can explore why waking up the dragon sooner than his scheduled time happened .

Some splash art here and there , how we met the other crew and some Atherblade goons that will try to stop us from finding out Scarlet secret weapons that none knows how to operate , but they seem to see the change in the psychiatrist and they have a plan ..


The only thing that should come back is Tower of Madness.

But deactivate the ability to choose floors (newer people will be a disadvantage after 4 days) .The air gets thicker with each step you take . You blank out after 100debuffs . Newer group/troops that start after 15min (after you) , give you hope/supplies to remove 30 stacks .You get loot based how many distance yo done (more Tri-color keys :PPPP) . Each day reset , you get used to the enviroment and start with -10/-20/-30 debuffs .

In one week server-wide people will face   Druaga  ( The Tower of Druaga ~the Aegis of Uruk)

(Spoiler)Then like the anime , the boss  acted as a gatekeeper to a bigger boss .


But generally character amnesia will be the best solution and throw them in EoD


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I'd love to see a "Season 1 reboot". Not the exact thing we had in the past as I've read they actually deleted the code after each time it was pulled out (about the most stupid decision I've ever heard of).

But a 'new version'. A re-telling of those events that leads to more or less the same conclusion. Like we see sometimes with movies and TV shows. Granted the last decade's worth of movie and TV reboots have been bad about 90% of the time... but it doesn't have to be bad.


Something that is both new and old at the same time. Tell us Scarlet and Mai Trin's story, how we meet Brahm, Tami, Rox, and that rando-human couple - but with a new fresh angle to it.


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They haven't even bothered to try to fix the Marionette re-implementation,. They just shoved it into a private instance in the back corner of EotN to die. If they didn't even do anything about that when it was a major advertised event, there is no reason to have any faith in any other re-implementation of Season 1. They have thus far shown neither the interest nor frankly the care to put back in or fix any older content not actively breaking the game.

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