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Siege turtle - Look at all them buttons

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Look at the front seat of your turtle mount.
Now look at all the buttons on that thing.
Now look at how many keys you actually use on it as the driver. 


Two keys. I can slam and jet boost.
I don't even get the button to go super speed as the driver. That's for the second person to use. It'd be like giving your kid in the back seat the nitro boost for your car while you're driving. 

The mount is stupid. The mount is bad Why have they made it this way?

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Look at all the buttons on Raptor, Springer, & Jackal Mount.

Now Look at how only the Jackal has a special interaction with a Sand Portal.

Now Look at how none of those three can go Underwater while the Turtle Mount can.


Sure it may be the first 2 person Mount, but your not dismounted on attack like all the rest.

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