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Veteran Malevolent Memory is possibly the worst fight in this game (vague spoilers maybe)

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I had the displeasure of doing this again (must have put it out of my memory in years past from how bad it was), doing the story again on a new character since that's what I came back and started playing with.

Absolutely terrible. I get what they were going for in theory. I understand the mechanics more or less, in theory. But the execution is like... what you'd expect from a rushed college project for a game demo that was started on too late.

It is tedious, incredibly so, as is the other boss (bosses?) like it in this instance. It makes you repeat the same process over and over and over, to very very slowly kill the boss. The mechanics are incredibly janky: straight up waiting for fragility to spawn sometimes. The AI on the add is half broken: watch it spazz it out and struggle to make up its mind whether it should go after you or the NPC ally there with you (almost funny if it wasn't so sad). Or simply stand on the other side of the room, doing nothing, until you get close enough to trigger its aggro.

And really, what is the excuse for it even existing as a fight? Just to pad runtime, evidently. It's barely relevant to the context of the story that it exists in and the mechanics are a puzzle for the sake of being a puzzle, they again have no relevance to the story or to anything really. Just someone's random idea that probably sounded cool on paper and then was rushed because of deadlines.

Yes, I am venting, I feel like some part of my brain just melted getting through this fight. Doing the gossip detective mission was bad enough, but geez. It's coming back to me now why I have this vague memory of hating LW2.

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