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Druid Healing Components Awkward To Use


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Specter update from patch notes… 


“However, the scepter autoattack chain is underperforming and awkward to use due to a long pause after the final hit.”


Druid healing mechanics have been awkward since 2015… Gate the healing kit behind astral force, place healing capabilities on a timer, and give the players some little circles to aim at moving teammates in hopes you can heal them a tiny bit. Comparatively, that’s been super awkward…


Let’s talk about staff… It’s best function is generating astral force, and that’s about it. It’s a poor performing weapon, that even ate some nerfs to the already anemic healing and damage on auto, and the evasion on skill 3… Meanwhile, that awkward Specter scepter, is pumping out loads of barrier and the team has made the entire kit a far more smoother and efficient support build to play, AND it pumps out way more damage to boot.


Why has the team forsaken Druid? I get abandoning pet development, but we are talking an espec here… Would it really draw that much resources to do something good for Druid? 


Here’s how the team can show Druids that they love them too, not just all those other awkward especs… 



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