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Future end game class expansions- Callings


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I propose an idea to increase build and customization variety for character in the form of Callings, these would be a sub class that any character can choose one of regardless of profession and would have it's own trait line and abilities to pour your excess hero points into. These can be assigned alongside a Elite Specialization.


I only have a few ideas for them so far, but let me present those two


Dragon Tamer- Gives you a dragon companion to follow you and aid in combat somewhere in size between a skyscale and a saltspray dragon. Would be a heavily defensive class

  1. Dragons element/magic type and appearance can be separately changed at a specialized NPC to allow variety based on existing dragon type in game
  2. Would provide dragon based abilities that the player can cast that can be assigned to the right side of the hotbar
  3. Dragon command abilities would be assigned to F6-F10 as needed
  4. Would provide a new main hand and off hand weapon for the class, which I propose as a gunlance and tower shield since I'm fond of that combo from other games
  5. Access to two taunts, one for the player as a trait that triggers on critical hit and one for the dragon that is a command ability 


Demonologist- Allow you to summon demons and other like creatures to aid in combat similar to a warlock class


Eldritch Occultist- Allows you to channel eldritch magics from other planes of existence focused on Condition DPS and some minor summoning potential


Aurene's Champion- Allows you to fully integrate with you role as Aurene's champion and channel her power into new prismatic abilities heavily focused on support

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I know the idea is a bit off the wall, but I just want something to further expand my character. I understand that Anet doesn't like power creep, but class customization feels a bit stale after awhile since you pick up an Elite spec at level 80 and then never get to do anything else with your class or character.. The whole concept of the dragon tamer is just what I would personally love for my character, although I do understand it's a far fetched idea

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7 hours ago, Serephen.3420 said:

A nice idea for a very different kind of game set in the same universe, but for gw2 it wouldn't sit well😅

Maybe so, in the very least I would like more options to develop and grow my character, character progression feels very stale after awhile since all you get is the choice of one elite specialization

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