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SUGGESTION regarding Dragons End meta

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an idea came to mind about how to make dragons end way more accesible, enjoyable, and technically without a nerf.

the map preperations buffs u can get before the meta are way too strong. 10 stacks of the buff u get there gives 20% more dmg, since at max stacks the effect is doubled, plus u get 5% from high readiness. thats 25% dmg for the whole squad. thats cool and all, but the meta is balanced around ppl having those buffs, and if half the squad came late, u loose bout 2 minutes on the fight. plus if u want the whole squad to have it u have to spend close to an hour before the meta even starts.

why not get rid of the dmg portion of the buff, and instead lower boss hp accordingly.

this way, u will still want high readiness, for the 5% (but would probably be fine without it) and get the stacks still for additional loot, and defensive portion of those buffs to make it easier. but you wouldnt have to worry about wasting 2 hours just becouse half your squad didnt know/refused to get the buffs, or just came late not wanting to spend 2 hours on it, and fail at 5% of the boss.

one of the biggest issues with dragons end is that a 2 hour effort made by few can actually be undone by others, and u cant really control that, unless u want to start segregating ppl.

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