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Yet another request for event downscaling

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Some of the events are ridiculous for even three players.


I can't find the quest on the wiki. You hunt down and help kill a corrupted moa in Echovald. As its remains lie on the ground Brotherhood NPCs come in, there is an argument, and the Brotherhood NPCs turn aggressive. The player must stop them removing all the moa's remains. It transpires that there are multiple waves of all-elite NPCs, roughly three from each side, so at least six simultaneously arriving. I have no idea how many waves there are as the event ended during the second wave. There were not many of us there. I think the event started with maybe just me and another player (I didn't trigger the initial event), and then a third player joined us. We were overwhelmed on the second wave. While we could gradually kill the first wave of NPCs, the event stops either when the moa remains are completely removed or (I guess) if some remains are still there after the last wave of enemy NPCs. The first wave took about 3/4 of the moa remains before we could kill them.

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