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Mesmer Survivability Great post Sustain Nerf


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Playing a few fractals back to back testing Virtuoso I noticed something when playing all 3 Mesmer Elite Specialisations.

The survivability we have is crazy, these are ranked ordered in terms of survivability:
(I will keep the wiki links in)

  1. Mirage: Not much needs to be said about Mirage since most people know the strength of Mirage Cloak to avoid damage. The real power is in getting your endurance regen really high so you can almost permanently dodge, one of the best ways to do this is with Bowl of Orrian Truffle and Meat Stew and Sigil of Energy .
  2. Virtuoso: Although controversial and my insistence that it is good. The Virtuoso primary survivability comes from its ability to regen based on conditions damage Jagged Mind , as long as you have stacks of bleed on your target you will have a permanent health regen. This pared with Bloodsong means you can cast Bladeturn Requiem without interrupting dps and it even provides extra bleed stacks for more stock blades.
  3. Chronomancer: First Phantasmal Defender is amazing at really defending the Mesmer since it forces most enemies into melee which intern groups them up. This isn't that useful in fractals but is very good in Dungeons. The main Survivability tool is overwhelming enemies with Phantasms with Chronophantasma trait active.

Hope that helps any new Mesmer mains.

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15 minutes ago, Lethion.8745 said:

First time you said something that I agree with. Maybe I will see quaggans fly too. 

Well this is normally what I post but the whole situation of Virtuoso has created a odd rabbit hole of me defending it.

I probably wouldn't be doing that if people liked it more.

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Sword blur? Scepter block/evade? OH Sword block? axe evade skill? F4? Well of precognition?

I must admit that I focus more on these than what you listed for my survivability as a mesmer. At the same time, I'm an oddball since mys favourite weapon as a mesmer is the scepter so maybe all this is also just "me".

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