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Marionette still exists!

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You wouldn't know it, but Marionette is still in the game and still playable. No one does it, however, since it's only accessible by a private instance and they never fixed the single point of failure issues caused by the reduced player count vs the open world version. Also the rewards could use a buff, but since 99% of the time the event fails anyway the rewards are not the main issue right now.

Please fix this event so it's actually doable and make it a public thing again. It could be run often just like Dragon Storm is if it could actually be done reliably. Even organized groups can barely if ever clear it due to the luck and mechanical issues. The platforms need to be changed to prevent single failure issues, and random chance grouping on such a small player scale is not doable. There need to only be enough platforms active that there are certain minimum player counts per platform to ensure no one player can fail the entire event by themselves, regardless of anything anyone else does, simply by missing one dodge, and we have to have people able to choose a platform to prevent things like only healers on a platform being unable to even do the needed damage at full output to clear.

Please fix this. It's an awesome event in theory, but as it stands it might as well be deleted again as it's simply pointless and too prone to failure for anyone to run it.

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While the Marionette kind of still exists in its corner, it's not the Marionette a large part of the player base wanted. Many of us wanted the original content back in Lornar's Pass as a meta event, not as a bad instanced joke.

And then there also are people who are upset about the model change (which they claim to be censorship) and boycott it for that reason.

I doubt Arenanet is going to do anything about it though. It's unpopular old content, so they are going to let it rot away in its corner like so many other parts of the game.

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18 hours ago, Boogiepop Void.6473 said:

since it's only accessible by a private instance

It's been back as a public instance for months now. It's accessed from the EotN every 2 hours, like Dragonstorm is (they run opposite hours) and the event timer for it is here.


I agree that it's a shame it's not run more though. I don't know if it's that people aren't aware it is still around and has a public mode? or if it's that people just don't find it profitable enough to run any more vs the risk of failure, or just finished the achievements and moved on. It's one of my favourite events, so the public instance being dead even around reset is a shame. I'm happy to see it back in the game though, the Return-to the Marionette was great.


There are still squads that run it daily though, if you look for them. If you do want to run it more often, it's a part of the Meta event trains that Hardstuck runs on weekdays. The spreadsheet of the bosses they cover and the times is here, along with the rest of the info.


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