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[NA] Looking for 18+ LGBT guild


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Hello, I'm Sid (he/him)! I'm just wondering if there are any 18+ LGBT guilds out there. I'm apart of a couple that are all-ages, but as I'm 30 it would be nice to have an adults-only space to relax in sometimes. I'm in NA currently but I am often awake in the wee hours of the morning so an OCX guild is fine too. I mostly play PvE but also dabble in WvW (I am currently in Gates of Madness but willing to swap servers) and would love to try my hand at PvP if I have some chill people to play with. 

Since as mentioned I am part of other guilds, I'm not really looking for a guild with a really strict rep policy. I don't mind repping, don't get me wrong, but not 24/7/365.

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