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Returning player, looking for an active guild

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I'm Beef, and I'm with the Nerd Herd. We are mostly newer players just getting into PvE content. I'm a wow refugee with several years of raiding over there. I'm super excited about getting a small group together to progress through all 10 man content. We are small and right now only do 10 man content once a week (Wednesday at 9 est) if this is something that might interest you hit me up in game and I'd love to chat more!

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Outlaws of the Fallen [OoF] [NA] We are new/returning player friendly PvX Guild.Very Helpful,providing guidance for Dungeons,FotM,Strikes,and PvP/WvW,Achievements,Hero/Mastery points,etc.No rep required!

If interested add me in game or on Discord iAmTheWilfred#5347

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