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Luxon Tools for turtle not spawning

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I've just spent the entire day trying to defeat the jade maw in order to acquire the Luxon Tools needed for the turtle saddle for the siege turtle mount. After attempt #6, I finally did it... and the Luxon Tools did not spawn in my inventory. I just checked Wiki, and someone posted "Not working 3/18/22" on the Luxon Tools page. I better not have to do that event again, because it literally took all day just to complete it. And while we're at it, I couldn't submit a bug report in-game, either, because the Submit button was greyed out despite me typing in a description and choosing a topic and sub-topic from the two drop-down lists and selecting the checkbox that says "Blocking Progress." So I've had to come here to report it. This needs fixed, and so does the maw event because six minutes is not enough time to complete it.

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