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Sea adaptation.... in charr!!

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Fanged Deers seem to have adapted to living close to the sea in cantha, they actually have fins on their back!...

What if there woul be a remote group of charr that have evolved in a similar way?!! What if charr had fins for manes, perhaps some fins on their forearms too and were partially covered in scales!!  That would be so cool IMO!! 

Can we please have ocean-adapted charr features in character creation!!! 

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5 hours ago, EMPI.4013 said:

Interesting idea. Only one problem I see with it. Charr = Cat.



Now yes some cats love water, but most do not. It's a possibility, but an unlikely one, especially since they design vehicles, like the subs.


I always thought Charr were a mix of cow and cat, and that cows are genetically similar to dolphins.


But that's just my opinion. xD

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I don't think sea Charr would make too much sense, but I am kinda bummed that the Nian of GW1 only came back in the form of decorative statues and fishing junk items. If we ever get some kind of ocean/undersea LS season or expansion I think you'd be far more likely to see Largos strutting around than an aquatic version of the other races, but maybe the Nian can be one of the roaming mobs?

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