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Hi, I am a long time Guild Wars player looking for a Guild with mature, friendly players. I've only ever completed one raid wing before with friends and want to really dive into raiding and learn the rest of it. I have a fully geared berserker and I've previously raided in WoW as well.


I work every third weekend so would like to join a Guild that runs things on fridays/Sundays preferably but I may be flexible to other schedules depending on needs. 


Mainly just looking for some friendly and patient individuals to enjoy the game and learn end game content with!



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If you are on EU, feel free to check out [HOME] Ghost Riders of Tyria 🙂 We're a casual, friendly mostly-PVE guild made up of both new and long-time players. https://ghostridersoftyria.com/


We usually run raid trainings on Saturday evenings (though there's currently a small break from them while some trainers are on holiday and while people sink their teeth into the new EoD content!)


We have an active Discord with roles set up so Guildies can easily ping others interested in grouping for for Fractals/Strikes/Raids etc too, outside of the trainings. I'm currently running daily strike squads (For the priority EoD and Icebrood strike, though we usually end up doing at least the first 3 EoD strikes, haha) and will be continuing to run them daily at 9pm GMT when I can, so that's also an option for some endgame PVE stuff if it interests you! 


The guild was made to foster a friendly and helpful environment where people can learn, support each other and enjoy the game, you can check out our recruitment post below for more information and how to contact us 🙂



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