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Unable to teleport to friend even when both of us are on the EU megaserver

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Hi sorry I did try to find if someone posted this, but I got a lot of other forum posts that weren't on topic and I couldn't find anything.

Yesterday I was in a party with someone on my friend list, we are both EU, and when using my Teleport to Friend/Party item it told me they were on another world. This isn't true as we are both EU. So I have no idea, why I would get this error message. Even the party interface wouldn't let me join them.

I am at a loss at why this is happening. Any advice, or is it a bug on my account or theirs?


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1 hour ago, DABhand.2079 said:

I know my post count is low and may give the impression I am new to the game (no idea where my previous posts went to), but I can assure you I know the difference and they are in the EU with an EU copy of the game.

As people already suggested: their map instance must have been full. You said it was a World Boss event, so this was likely the case.

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IIRC: using a Teleport to friend on a player in the same map, but in a different flow/instance will result in this error message.

the correct process to join their map is to right click their character portrait and click "join in player instance"

if that option doesn't appear, then you are in-fact playing on different servers(EU/NA)

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you can always submit a supprot ticket, like explained.
But if this happened just once, I wonder if it would be very effective.  They use terms like world and mega server to make it understandable,, but rreality is a bit more complex.
as explained, they change everyones pool of maps as they do an update of the game.  To speculate a bit what could be going on.
Most recent updates are related to end of dragons. You have the ability to play the game while updating. This doesnt work well. way your friends  or you could end up with a pre-updated map while the other is a on a post updated map. But to complicate things, to facilitate this option, there are maps that allow players from both sides, untill a certain time has passed.
Obvious, this is specualtion, but is it really important to have support take a look at it and answer it, if it only occured once?
If so, feel free to file a report using the mailadress. Ohterwise, except it as it was.

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