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Cannot Progress Saving Skyscales

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So I think I found a bug, and I suspect I know why.

I cannot progress Saving Skyscales. I have completed every part, the sub-collection for Skyscale of Water is marked complete when I click it, but inside the "Saving Skyscales" collection it is marked incomplete. I completed this without doing the Rune-Locked Doors collection. I was getting confused and asked someone in game who had completed it to please enter the room so I could TP to Friend to them. This let me complete the collection for Skyscale of Water, and get it marked complete, without completing Rune-Locked Doors.

I suspect there's a requirement in Skyscale of Water that checks you have completed Rune-Locked Doors to progress. I cannot progress even though I have completed every part. 

Please help! I'd like to get a skyscale.

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