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Skiff skill #4 - Depth Charges

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First let me say I'm enjoying the fishing in EoD, but there's one or two flaws which could be easily rectified (the other I'll go into in another topic, as it's most likely a bug).

Depth Charges - literally underwater explosives, which are meant to do highly explosive damage by means of an explosion and a shockwave.

"Depth Charges" - Sink underwater enemies within range. [Damage: 163] [Sink: 2 seconds] [Number of Targets: 5] [Radius: 1500]

I believe this needs to be refined into a much more usable skill. Much like a real depth charge, it needs real damage, not just temporarily sinking enemies. The cooldown is too long - 12 seconds when you're in an area full of naga, risen or krait attacking your boat and not willing to lose aggro when you think you're out of range; it just doesn't cut it. Trim this down to a more usable cooldown like 6 seconds and I think it's more fair.

If we're made to believe the depth charges are an actual weapon, and not just a deterrent like what we've been given, these could be a lot more potent. It hurts quite a bit when you've fished up a lot of stacks in your Fishing Party mastery, only to have the boat destroyed when you can't lose the mobs when you need to. It's either that, or drop anchor, get out and manually kill them yourself, which if you spend too long in doing, you'll lose the buff stacks anyway.

The skill needs more usefulness, not just CC'ing a Leviathan, which is what it's mostly used for.

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