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[Suggestion] Overbearing Smash (hammer 3) improvement.


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Make the follow-up attack a manual activation, much like greatsword block and kick skills.

The reason for this change is Moment of Clarity trait and it's Attack of Opportunity on scoring interrupts.

Currently it'll be squandered by the automatic follow up which is nothing special in terms of damage.
Which version of hammer skill untamed uses is determined by him being unleashed or not at the moment of casting.
Switching it in mid cast does not affect the end outcome. Once started in one mode, the skill ends in that mode, period.

Now imagine this is changed as suggested above.
1. You catch enemy with quick overbearing smash part 1, and get Attack of Opportunity.
2. You now can do whatever you want with it. Like using Unleashed Wild Swing for some major damage. You earned it, so reap your reward!
3. You still have your Ovebearing Smash follow up skill, which you can now use as you please - unleashed for boon rip and damage, or normal to fish for another interrupt!

This would also be huge help for pet builds... which are another subject of my research.
Pet builds need greatsword for that easy Attack of Opportunity from Maul.
But you should not be ball and chained to one weapon all the time.
With this change the hammer can provide for your pet's dps as well, albeit ofc at cost of greater skill required.


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