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I wish I could use whatever pet i wanted.


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This would never happen. But i kinda wish anet would rework the pet system, let you select the pet skills largely how you want them to be and just you know... let you use the pet you want. 

Rather than having to pick the best pet all the time or kick because your dps isn't good enough. 

Not the point of the thread but also... missed opportunity in cantha. Rangers cannot have shiba inu. 

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I understand how you feel. I felt that way in another game that also had collecting pets as a system.
But now I know why they have it.  Having only one pet would remove the exploring this game offers.
I like having it this way. I dont like swapping pets but I like having to look for things. I dont want everything in one go.
Thats why I would never use a booster for a character I have never played before. It ruins the fun.

Perhaps we could have abit of both. We can use whatever pet we prefer, but we still have to look for other pets to get their abilities. And then if we prefer the Wolf look, we can use that one but have the abilities from the Bear. But in order to do that we first have to go find the Bear itself. Ones its found, we can "copy" its skills to the Wolf. 
That way we still have to go out in the world, but we can use the pet we prefer the look of.

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I've always hated looking for pets, because it locks your class to the content.  I get the fun of discovery and all, but they really need to just always be available. 

What may be better is just looking for different skins, and basically letting you select an archetype.  Really would be nice if they'd let you also select the F2 to use.  

I'm not sure how to solve the smokescale problem though.  It still becomes best in slot for almost everything aside from mobility (dogs are better there).  Since it doesn't really belong to a family you can't really swap out its F2 on other 'skins' like would work for dogs, cats, birds, etc.  I guess at least if you could swap the archetype then it'd be a start.  

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The issue is probably a matter of pool of animations for each category of pets. One can only imagine how much work it would be to create all animations necessary to allow every pets to use every pet skill.

Also, the pet animations are rigid and one of the biggest flaw of the pet granted that they prevent quickness from working properly on pet and that it even make soulbeast better at performing pet skills than the pet themselves.

1 hour ago, Gotejjeken.1267 said:

I guess at least if you could swap the archetype then it'd be a start.

I'm pretty sure that there would be PvP wanabe that would complain that it make harder to anticipate what the pet is able to do and thus it hurt counter play. "A tiger that use jaguar's stealth? What kind of hack is this! Please nerf!"

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