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Suggestion: Additional Achievements/Rewards/Titles for Crafting First Tier Precursors

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The cost of creating the first tier precursors via the collections has become so much higher than the cost of outright buying the same precursors from the trading post.  I feel players should be given more incentives to work on those collections than just a few measly achievement points, and a precursor worth a fraction of the cost for completing the collection.  When those collections first came out, the incentive to create your own precursors at least seemed reasonable.  Over time, the precursors have dropped significantly in price, but the materials really haven't because of all the resource contention for other craftable items.  I think to incentivize the players to work on those collections, they should be offered account bound rewards unique to that process, and retroactive for anyone who has already completed those collections.  Perhaps a title for each collection, and another title for completing all of the collections, maybe an account bound unique legendary weapon to show off.  As each of these would be account based, I don't see it being something that would hurt the economy, and players who completed the collections already would have some way to demonstrate the time and cost of their efforts.  Other reward suggestions welcome if anyone else agrees.  Edit: On 2nd thought, having a legendary weapon as an overall reward would mean having a legendary weapon for each weapon type.  That being said, perhaps instead of a legendary weapon as a reward for completing all of the collections, perhaps it can be a full set of unique weapon skins only obtainable by completing every collection.  Weapon skins that are in their own right nearly as cool as the legendary weapons themselves.  Alternatively, the reward could be a full set of legendary armor, or some legendary trinkets.  Anyway, just something to better incentivize/reward the players into doing those collections.

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