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Reflections in New Kaineng and Dragon's End are totally broken.

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As the title says, reflections are completely broken in both New Kaineng and Dragon's End, and have been since launch. In these maps, the 'All' and 'Terrain & Sky' setting produce an identical result of only reflecting the terrain as opposed to the 'All' setting reflecting all props. In a certain area in Dragon's End, all settings simply produce the 'None' reflection setting. This really diminishes the aesthetics of the map and gives them an unfinished feel in my opinion.

Here is an example of the 'All' setting matching 'Terrain & Sky' in New Kaineng (image and gif), both the 'All' and 'Terrain & Sky' settings matching the 'None' setting in Dragon's End around Mine Site JS-02 (image and gif), and an example of how reflections should be working in Desert Highlands (image and gif). It should be noted that it is not only that particular area in both of those maps that is broken, but the vast majority of New Kianeng and the entirety of Dragon's End. Here is the full album of settings comparison screenshots to give you an idea of how extensive the problem is. Here is an album of comparisons where reflections are functioning correctly to give you an idea of the difference.

Here is another album of additional non-comparison screenshots with annotations for clarification that I could not otherwise manage to fit into the post. I will also answer what I imagine some common questions will be below.



Turn off Dx11.

I do not have it on.


I notice you're using a graphics injector, are you sure that's not breaking them?

I was already sure it wasn't, but just to prove it I enlisted my friend to stand in the same location as my with an install of GW2 that is not running any addons just to show there is no difference. We are both using Dx9.


Have you considered this is being done for the sake of performance?

Yes, and I had spent much time deliberating if that was the case. However, if that were so, then why doesn't the 'Terrain & Sky' option have less reflections than the 'All' option? And in Dragon's End around Mine Site JS-02, why doesn't the 'None' option have less reflections than the 'All' option? It does not make sense, because lower end machines aren't being spared the graphics load that higher-end ones are taking by turning the settings down. Additionally, even if for whatever reason it was unusually heavy on performance, if I want to pump up my settings to the detriment of my framerate I should be able to make that decision for myself.


I was in Kaineng and reflections seem fine to me.

You might be in one of the few areas of the city where reflections are not broken, as there are a couple. Notably, certain areas of the ruins of Old Kaineng, as well as the main port.


Why have you taken all the photos during the day? Is it because reflections function correctly at night?

No, it's so the reflections are clearer. Just to make sure, here is New Kaineng and Dragon's End at night. By comparison, here is the Crystal Oasis, as well as the full album of night shots. They are just as broken at night.


There are other areas of Tyria with broken reflections. Why does this matter?

To address the first point; correct! A couple example I can think of off the top of my head are Bitterfrost Frontier, where reflections are unanimously on the 'none' setting, certain areas of Tangled Depths, certain areas of Metrica Province, and Lost Precipice, just to name a few (full album). That being said, most of these errors do not occur in expansion maps, and those that do are present in places where it's not immediately obvious there is a problem, unlike in Kaineng and DE where not only does heavy traffic pass through, but because it's outdoors in bright environments with brightly coloured objects with large stretches of water it's very obvious they are broken.


This post has also been crossposted to the GW2 subreddit.

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