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Compete with tengu youngsters in the archery contest doesnt seem to start

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Hi there, i have been waiting next to Saya for at least 1/2 hour waiting for her to start the competition, the gangs are not active and Tateo is stood here putting arrows in his target as well.  is there some other trigger i have missed to get the event started?  it says in the wiki that it has a 15 min roll around when the chain is completed.

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Changing map could work. However if you fail it seem a long recharge time.

Things tried that doesn't work include:
- logging off and on,
- completing the heart.. etc.

Still not triggering archery class.
There is also no event icon on Saya.
Saya just says he is busy running the class.

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For me it triggers from time to time. I am now trying to see if there is any pattern (e.g. every 15 or 30 min while meta is not in progress). However, there is another problem - if there are few people it ends up very quickly so there is no way to make 10 target shots in a row that is needed for the "Avian sharpshooter" achievement.

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