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Chapter 3, Your kind of people, log boxes difficulty.

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I am at the final step of Chapter 3 of the Cantha story, Your kind of People.
The task is to find 6 log boxes. I found 5.
What blocks me is that there is no green star indicating the area to search for the last one as there was for the other boxes.
Maybe I saw the star I need somewhere north-east of the main waypoint in Seitung, but it permanently disappeared no matter my multiple relogs in different days.
Don't know what to do to go on.


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I'm really sorry to necro this post but I'm also having this issue - I've only just returned to the game and just started this story chapter. None of the log boxes are showing a green story star and I've followd the walkthrough on the Wiki. Is there a known bug here?


Sorry to rehash this if it has already been corrected somehow but if someone could point me in the right direction, it'd be appreciated!



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