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Post your new season teammates' plays of the game!


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All these highlights are from different games.

  • Elementalist in my team melts in 2 seconds to a thief. Literally 2 seconds. The catch is that the thief was condi! This happened many times throughout the match, 1v1.
  • I arrive at the point, interrupt stomp and rezz my downed teammate. I go down later on to condi pressure, my teammate not only doesn't rezz, he sits there spamming druid staff 1 the whole time without moving, then goes down shortly after.
  • Teammate walks from base to mid not noticing someone casually walking behind him to decap point.
  • As soon as svanir spawns teammate says "beast"
  • Spellbreaker chases necro off point, dies, blames teammates.
  • Guy blames team for losing mid, I say our necro died too quickly, he says "support him better" (Assumes every elementalist is a tempest healer).
  • Firebrand chooses that instead of staying mid and supporting the team, he should go far and stall a 1v1 with a spellbreaker for over 2 minutes. The point was always captured by the enemy team by the way so thats like 100+ score lost.
  • Pewpew thief choose to go home to save the day when he can visibly check that there are 3 enemies there and 2 teammates just died.
  • Literally no one on skyhammer cannon, bell, etc.
  • Win 1v1 at home as soon as the match starts, shortly after another enemy also comes home. I look at the map, both mid and far lost. Sometimes 4v3 aren't great odds for my teams.

Exciting times are ahead!

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Played Holosmith:Went far to decap then ended up being chased by 3 enemies was running around point A for 2-3 minutes.Enemy kept chasing me to kill.Looking map Middle 3 from my team cant kill 1 person and at our close 1vs1 took over 4 minutes.Game lost cause team could not kill 3vs1 for more then 4 minutes.

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