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Two Jade Sphere Suggestions:


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The energy mechanic makes it more complex than it needs to be. If you switch attunements you should have access to it for a set duration. As is you have to be in melee range, striking with a lot of attacks which is easy on hammer, and build up to it. I get that's the point of why it's called Catalyst, but I think Jade Sphere in general could use some functionality changes.

The energy mechanic feels bloated in the current implementation, but what about making the jade sphere move around like Ventari's tablet? That way as long as you have energy you can point a location for the jade sphere to move to and it can damage in that area. 


Another option instead of a ventari approach would be to make the attunements themselves trigger their own celestial/combo field/buff/well, usable once with no energy cost per attunement per swap - give swiftness to the air version of the well, and then leave the 5th slot where jade sphere currently is to some combination of elements, maybe incorporating the existing celestials on each side, and have THIS be the jade sphere that gives quickness - separated from the attunement rotation. Leave the energy accumulation the same as it currently is or only slow it down slightly if separated from the other attunements. This seems like it could be easier balanced though if it's based on number of strikes.

Instead of this doing damage, the new separated jade sphere with the larger radius and all 4 celestials could, instead of doing damage, grant quickness and pull enemies towards its center/lock them into that area. A cc that can be used in competitive, desperately needed breakbar damage, and just something that you can use in open world for packs of mobs that works with the idea of a bruiser spec.

The celestial concept on this build is really neat but I don't think it's as strong as it could/should be, from the graphics you hardly get to appreciate because they're a little more muted and transparent being holograms - and how quickly they deplete because of how the current energy mechanic works. Separating quickness from being a damaging air attunement ability and giving it its own purpose, with cc, would give you the chance to reuse these assets. 

If you don't want to increase the radius of the jade sphere, I think making it replantable regardless of whether you separate it from the attunement rotation would still feel much better. (The attunement jade sphere wells in this case would be plantable once, and have a timer until they expire. OR have it be able to be canceled and when canceled stores the unused time duration given to you for that attunement.) I.e. you switch attunements, you have a 12 second well that can be paused/replaced as long as it has a second left.



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