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Hammer feedback after a weekend of giving it an honest go and general tips/observations


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Hammer skills seem to have this strange flow between defensive and offensive between attunements.

Skill 2 is always a damaging ability. The main outlier here is the fact that earth 2 is also a projectile block. 
Skill 5 is always a finisher and seems to be the primary source of aura gain. 
Skill 4 is always a defensive. Fire skill 4 is a defensive in that it creates a ground aoe to force people out of melee. (Competitive) Water skill 4 is an aggressive leap finisher but defensive in that if it lands you can regain a lot of health. 

I don't think skill 3 is meant to be anything more than a defense/offense modifier that does a little extra damage. I'm not sure why they named it "grand finale" but if the purpose is to try to time it after cycling through a rotation I think the stars would have to align to make this feel like a "Grand Finale." 

Some unrewarding skills that I noticed: 

Fire 4 being a defensive aoe ability makes more sense but I still think it needs some tweaks or changes to make it feel more rewarding. 
Fire auto, feels like I'm sweeping dust. I read a suggestion to make this a cone attack and I think that would be a nice change. 
Fire skill 2 - if fire auto doesn't change this needs to be a cone attack over the triple crescent thing it's doing now. It's also a very slow ability and for skill 5 it makes sense, but this having a cast time when the other 3 attunements don't, feels strange. I think making this ability a cone attack instead of what it is now might make the skill feel more rewarding for the wind-up it takes to get there. The damage also seems kind of iffy and heavily relies on you being point blank range with a mob. 
Air skill 4 - feels janky af. Even the animation has me cracking up a little. Is this self-knockback necessary? Is the point to use this skill and then leap back in with water 4 similar to using water sword 2 on weaver and then using fire or air skill 2 to leap back to them?
Air skill 5 - this whole skill seems a bit strange in design. It actually functions like a grenade that you throw at the ground that then flashes VERY briefly and does full damage and stuns. Was this just to make it feel different from Scrapper hammer 5? It's more of a flicker than a flash to me and I feel like this would be better as some kind of detonating lightning storm effect instead. I mean does piercing damage REALLY matter on this skill? Is that why it isn't just one flat packet of damage at once and a stun? I mean in pvp the damage isn't going to be there on this ability anyway, right? So why do this weird split damage projectile approach?


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