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the eod pets have the wrong skills when merged in soulbeast & for untamed, except for the white tiger <bug or theory>


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honestly, i wish anet would just acknowledge this even if it is a huge oversight. general consensus is that the new pets are terrible and not worth using, this is besides the pet stalling etc. after reviewing the skills listed for all pets on the wiki, from history, only the aquatic pets ever had 'bite' or similar skill used as f1 when merged <skills also used for untamed>. the unique pets have always used the fun new skills when merged. the skills should be as follows: phoenix~ f1 dash, not wicked bite f2 wing buffet f3 worldly impact  wallow~ f1 maul, not vampiric bite f2 undead plague f3 spiritual reprieve. the siege turtle also, except it also has the skills in reverse to begin with. ai skills should be in order of snap, slam, jade cannon, f2 the same, 'hunker down'. when merged, skills should be f1 slam f2 jade cannon f3 spiritual reprieve. this makes a lot more sense in the spirit of how anet has always introduced their unique pets.

i have 3x more ranger characters than any other profession and the unusual bugs/skill usage etc with the new pets  has been very unpleasant to deal with and disappointing. these fixes would make the new pets much more enjoyable as they were created to be.

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Nah, it was a conscious decision so EoD pets can't compete with other pets for Soulbeast merge. Dash - Wing Buffet and Wordly Impact would have made too much sense and fun for the Ranger. We can't have that.

All others pet skills don't work this way, it was always 2nd and 3rd skill that were used in Soulbeast merge. Never the auto attacks. They broken their own balance and convention.

Wallow should have been Maul and Undead Plague while being a Deadly pet. Instead they made sure that it wasn't going to be used outside of PvP. 

All the decisions they made for Untamed and the new pets are intentional. Example, have you seen the power coefficient (which use pet stats, by the way lmao) on Untamed f1f2f3 in pvp and wvw ? Yeah, it is deliberate. 

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i agree that wallow should have been a deadly pet <or may have been designed for that> and siege turtle may have been considered as an aquatic pet, but due to how jade cannon works <land skill>, that didn't happen either.


i don't know if this is due to time constraints etc pre eod release,  but i do feel bad personally for not being more active during the beta phase for untamed, to draw more attention.  it's alarming to be excited to charm the new pets and try them out then suddenly realize that something is just very wrong with them,  and no i am not talking about just path finding issues <creates 'stalling'>. this is just very not anet's style. the pet's are seriously messed up skill wise. 


i am usually compelled to buy expansions or even play mmo's because of 'pets'. the eod pets are broken skill wise and it doesn't seem right to leave them that way because of a struggle with balance. they need to be fixed. i'm going to submit a bug report from in game. 

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just leaving this here to clarify more, so the pets get assigned the correct skills when merged in soulbeast and for play with untamed.


please be encouraged to send in bug reports from in game to assign the correct pet skill when merged or untamed.


for anyone who has read my first post, these Are the core skills the pets were given, but were not assigned the right key for usage when merged or for play with untamed and the siege turtle's core pet skills were assigned in reverse order ie turtle cannon, slam, bite.


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