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Vengeance is Not Yours

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There are several issues/bugs with this achievement:


-The achievement text says 50 times, but you're given 25 tracking stacks when the fight starts so either the achievement text is wrong or you aren't getting enough tracking stacks

-The Melodie's Song attack rapidly drains stacks even if you aren't taking damage from the field in the centre as it seems to register a "hit" on the pulses of the gravity / pull to centre effect, making the achievement pretty much impossible to get without cheesing, which leads on to:

-Much like with the Drakkar one you can stay outside the boss arena to avoid all attacks and still keep credit.


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  • 6 months later...

Well, I just did this event and only got hit once.

Then stepped outside where the 4 small rooms are and no mastery was awarded.


So it's still bugged.

... and I'm beggining to start getting really annoyed at eod achievements.


This whole operation is taking way too long already.

I'm down to the big lenghty achievements and so really needed this one.

I hate doing something 100% right and get no recognition for it.


Also, the wards one is almost impossible to do, especially when there's this charr that keeps popping in everytime I'm doing the event, only to interfere in my business and getting in the way of me completing the achievement. 


It's one of those moments when you start to boil.

The lag in this map doesn't help either.


Anyways, anymore tricks and tips you could share for aspenwood?

I really don't want to fail this again.

This is really getting on my nerves.

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