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Please Explain Kinetic Battery

Jalad Lantana.3027

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Use 5 toolbelt skills, get 5s of Quickness and 5s of Superspeed (can be more quickness with boon duration). 


Simple as that.  If you want to maximize it, use faster recharging toolbelt skills.  Like you could go Holosmith and take Rifle Turret and Photon Wall for the Surprise Shot and Particle Accelerator toolbelt skills that you'll pump out every ~7s, which with your other toolbelt skills will have you triggering Kinetic Battery every 14s or so.

On Mech, it's not all that great because we only have longer cooldown "toolbelt skill" options (Mech Command skills count as toolbelt skills).  Overall the tools trait line, while having neat stuff, just isn't really worthwhile outside of for-fun/niche builds. We just give up so much in Explosions/Firearms for DPS and Inventions/Alchemy for healing.

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