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First New Player Profession (pve)


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I'm a new a player, who hasn't played an MMO in long while looking to invest my time into GW2. I already bought all the expansions ect. Created some characters and have been playing for a week now but don't want to invest into a character who won't be able to compete in the Meta, i.e ele which is super fun but I keep hearing bad things about in the end game. 

I'd like a couple recommendations for character builds to lvl up, and do open world w. decent DPS. I also have 2 lvl boost for when I'm ready, and like to use it on a class that isn't hard to learn so I can at least skip ahead to get the mounts. At some point in the near future at least. RN I'm running ranger. So any/all advice would be helpful for a build up to lvl 80 to use B4 I unlock my elite specs. My past experience w. Wow and classic has been playing warlock, and death knight if that helps, looking for something noob friendly, meta viable, good DPS, and survivability. Some tips on what my goals should be... Thank you.

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For open world leveling you usually want high power damage (kill stuff fast) and some survivability. If you are playing Ranger, my advice would be using Greatsword+Longbow. Both weapons offer significant damage in both melee and range, and level at least Beastmastery and Skirmishing, those two branches give you very high power. With just those recommendations, my advice would be to read every skill and trait of those two weapons and trait lines, they are very straightforward. Ranger is generally a good class to get started, easy to play and generally good for high end pve, not the best but neither the worst.

Pets are more important for high end and not so much for leveling, but still you can get some value from them. For example if you are having a bad trip against a certain foe, the juvenile bears have very high HP pool so they can tank your enemies while you deal damage safely.

Since you have the expansions, I would advice you to ask someone to help you get at least the first mount. It will make your exploration faster without breaking the game for you (note that going for this mount will have huge story spoilers so you might want to turn the sound and interface off, the process is easy and takes about 10-15 minutes).

Talking bad about Ele is part true, part a religion here. Ele makes one of the strongest, if not the strongest fighter in competitive modes, but in high end pve Elementalist has a very low HP pool, the rotation is a bit hard and the damage is nothing impressive for everything it asks. So if Elementalist is fun for you, I say go for it, although IMO Ranger would be better.


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