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Hammer builds? (for Fractals / Dungeons / Strikes)


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I've always liked melee hammer event though it's been one of GW2's weakest weapons. For the first year or so in GW2, I ran around with a Hammer warrior and a Hammer Guardian because the sounds and animations were amazing and I had no clue that I was doing less DPS than if I'd had no weapon at all...


Now we have hammer on a ranger, and I have an actual elite spec that I can use while also keeping my pet out.


But does hammer still suck on yet another profession, or can a good Hammer using build be made?


I tried this one the other day in T1 Fractals (were I can quickly spin up a character in new gear lacking ascended by just sending over some zerker ascended trinkets and buying a random zerker exotic hammer on the trading post):



I got low to OK results. Even if I 'boosted them by 10% for what it would have been in Ascended gear. Wondering if I should be able to get solid results by just 'learning to play' the new build, or if the build just isn't that good.


So, the only requirement for any suggestions in this is that it keeps Hammer as the main weapon, and can have any 'ranged fallback' for when you can't get into melee. But I'm hoping for any help in finding a good build for Hammer - if it's even possible.


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This is aimed at being a build thread. We've got countless complaint threads already.


So far I'm seeing potential in this:

One of the Pets is an oddball choice - the Red Moa's S-1 skill being a heal. But it's S-2 Fury is why it's there. It's a backup pet as the build should focus on staying in the other pet - The Juvenile Tiger, through which near 100% Fury uptime can be achieved (the only limit being player ability to remember to keep hitting it).

- Much of the rest of the build focuses on boosting Strike Damage, Critical chance, and Ferocity, with various things being procc'd if Fury is up.



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