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How is tomb of courage bug not fixed yet?


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This bug was brought up here, on wvw forum and on guardian forum multiple times each (+ dozens of in game bug reports) since PoF launch (over 1.5 months ago).

Just to further specify:

  • If a guardian traits Indomitable Courage (f3 breaks stun), it allows base guard f3 to break stuns.
  • It also allows Dragonhunter's f3 to break stun.
  • Allows Firebrand's f3 to break stun but in pvp only.
  • Firebrand's f3 doesn't break stun in wvw which is the bug that we are all complaining about.
  • The stunbreak tidbit missing from the tool tip in wvw whereas it is not missing in pvp.
  • Oddly enough, exiting f3 Tome of Courage on Firebrand does break stun in wvw, it's just that entering the tome doesn't break stun (like it does in pvp).

This can't possibly be intentional and is clearly a bug. It's also a bug that should be easy to fix, so putting us on hold for another 3 months to wait for this bug fix (which may just be negligantly skipped over again) is unacceptable. Please address this bug in a hot-fix patch!

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